Sunday, September 19, 2010


I am aardvark!

Not platypus or porcupine
or that mammal that lays eggs.

I am aardvark,
first in line on Noah's Ark
if we lined up alphabetically–
which we never do.

That's why I have to remind you of my name:

Now don't you forget it!


I'm that thought you're not supposed to think.
I go against the grain and your mama's
better judgment. There's a reason
they keep me underground, hidden,
locked away from polite society.

And you know why–
even if you don't dare admit it!

~written at the Poetry-On-Demand booth on 9/17/2010


I don't need a four-leaf clover
or carry a rabbit's foot in my pocket.
Double rainbows and face-up
copper pennies never turn my head.
All I have to do is look in the mirror,
say my name, and know–
I am Lucky!

~written at the Poetry-on-Demand booth on 9/17/10 for a woman whose name means lucky